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The team of City Tours Austria is composed of experienced tourism professionals from Austria. We help our customers with all their cultural and tourism needs in Austria including hotel reservations, meal arrangements, sightseeing tours, guided tours, city walks, event production, wedding planning, show acts, translations and transportation (especially charter bus rental). To let you know who you are corresponding with, the team of City Tours Austria is briefly presented on this page. Important information
While we are still working on the translation and upload of our service catalogue, we would be glad to reply to your requests individually. You may contact us anytime at or by using our contact form.
The City Tours team
Alexander Ehrlich, Executive Director
Languages: German, French, Italian, English, Bulgarian
Alexander Ehrlich is originally from Mayerling in the Vienna Woods where his father owned a hotel restaurant. He studied translation at the University of Vienna, passed the Austria tour guide exam in 2002 and founded the first all-austrian tour guides company AHRE Austria Guide. His special interest city walks, among them "Spooky Vienna - hauntings and vampires", rewarded him local and international success and allowed the foundation of guide agency "AHRE Austria Guide" together with Radosveta Iontcheva - which eventually led to the foundation of the company City Tours Reisebüro Ehrlich OG (now called "City Tours GmbH"). Since the company's foundation, Alexander Ehrlich has considerably reduced his own activities as a tour guide. At the beginning, he worked rather as a management consultant - and finally became executive director of City Tours GmbH. He is moreover responsible for marketing and for City Tours' web design network City Design. If you wish to learn more about Alexander Ehrlich, please visit his personal website
Alexander Ehrlich, executive director City Tours Vienna: Tour guide Austria, translator German, English, French, Italian
Felicitas Bachner, Authorized Signatory
Languages: German, English, Italian
Felicitas Bachner, Management Assistant: Webdesign, ecotourism, event production, event management, wedding planners in Austria
Felicitas Bachner is the daughter of one of the most successful licensed tour guides in Vienna. She is a passionate horseback rider and loves the countryside, which led her to study agriculture at the University of Vienna. During her studies, she acquired solid knowledge that proved very useful to tour operator City Tours. After working as a management assistant for many years, Felicitas Bachner became executive director of City Tours GmbH in early 2011. She is now responsible for customer assistance and customer advisory, order processing, accountancy and fiscal operations for City Tours GmbH.
Thomas Köberle, Head Tour Guide
Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish
Thomas Köberle comes from a very traditional family in Vorarlberg. As a student, he earnt his life with guided tours of Innsbruck before leaving Austria to follow language studies in Great Britain, France and Italy. Back in Austria, he worked as an actor and German language teacher while studying French, Italian and English at the Innsbruck university. Finally, he worked for several years as a hotel receptionist and Vienna tour guide before joining the team of City Tours Austria. Thomas Köberle helps with historical research, development of new city walks and sightseeing tours and does also contribute essentially to our offline marketing. Besides that, he actively participates in our translation projects.
Thomas Köberle, Head Tour Guide: Austria guided tours, Vienna sightseeing tours, Salzburg city walks, Innsbruck tour guide, French tours in Austria, Italian translations English tour guides Austria
Katrin Leitinger, management assistant
Languages: German, English, Dutch
Katrin Leitinger, management assistant: online sales of tourism services
Katrin Leitinger was born and grew up in Styria, Austria. After living in Vienna for some time, she spent six years in the Netherlands where she studied biotechnology. She had however always felt herself drawn to the service industry - and therefore worked for some time in this sector in the Netherlands before joining the City Tours team in Vienna, Austria in 2011. Katrin Leitinger develops tailor-made offers for City Tours's customers in German, Dutch and English. She is responsible for the communication with Dutch-speaking customers.
Anna Ehrlich, Consultant
Languages: German, Italian, English, French, Spanish
Anna Ehrlich is originally from Lower Austria. She studied philosophy, psychology, history and law at the Vienna university and worked as an actress and Vienna tour guide ever since her college days. Her special interest city walks as well as her many books about Austrian history are well-known in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Anna Ehrlich runs her own Vienna tour guide company for many years and assists City Tours Austria with her knowledge and expertise. Besides that, she contributes to our catalogues by her exceptional photos of Austrian sightseeing attractions and landscapes. Today, Anna Ehrlich does seldom lead a guided tour herself, she can however be booked as a lecturer, speaker or commentator for conferences about any aspect of Austrian history.
Anna Ehrlich: Vienna tour guide, Austrian history expert, city walks in Vienna, photography in Austria
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